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Insulin Reaction

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Insulin Reaction

Insulin Reaction has been played on NTS in shows including Crossed Wires w/ Amanda Siegel, featured first on 11 October 2019. Songs played include Lonely Lady.

This obscure group is notable for including two ex-members of dark punk band Peace Corpse (Tracy Lee Garcia and Julianna Towns). Unlike Peace Corpse, Insulin Reaction is dark post punk very much in the Cure vein. Other than their 1991 release featuring Tracy's switch from bass to guitar, they originally used two bassists, a drummer, and a keyboardist. With two basses, the songs have a dark, ominous quality to them with very few bright, treblous noises appearing.


1)Insulin Reaction:…

Lonely Lady
Insulin Reaction
Bobok, Ltd.1988
Lonely Lady
Insulin ReactionBobok, Ltd.1988