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Nervous Gender

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Nervous Gender

Nervous Gender has been played on NTS in shows including Crossed Wires w/ Amanda Siegel, featured first on 11 October 2019. Songs played include Fat Cow.

Nervous Gender is a punk band founded in Los Angeles, California in 1978 by Gerardo Velazquez, Edward Stapleton, Phranc and Michael Ochoa.

Their use of heavily distorted keyboards and synthesizers made them, along with The Screamers, one of the original innovators of what is today called "Synthpunk", although they could equally be considered an early industrial group. The group was confrontational and experimental, mystifying audiences of the day. Phranc's androgynous appearance was the embodiment of the group's name and added…

Fat Cow
Nervous Gender
Nervous Gender Archives2006
Fat Cow
Nervous GenderNervous Gender Archives2006