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Kazumichi Grime

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Kazumichi Grime

Kazumichi Grime has been played on NTS shows including Sanpo Disco, with Marianas Trench first played on 16 October 2019.

Kazumichi Grime is a sound and visual artist from Sydney, Australia.

He has been actively involved in producing electronic music and running electronic music labels from Australia like Pneuma and Clan Analolgue. Grime's aesthetic crosses the zones of experimental sound art, drone and minimal techno composition. He has a fond interest in both software driven music making processes as well as the use of older style technologues like analgue synthesis, tape delays etc.

Grime has had numerous releases on various labels since 1993 in various formats…

Marianas Trench
Kazumichi Grime
Clan Analogue2006
Marianas Trench
Kazumichi GrimeClan Analogue2006