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Dreamers Cloth

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Dreamers Cloth

Dreamers Cloth has been played on NTS shows including ARRHYTHMIA, with Lift Ekko Puls Puls - Side A first played on 8 October 2019.

Dreamers Cloth is Jonas Frederiksen from Copenhagen. He has been pumping out limited-edition, cassette-only recordings from a secret lair in Denmark as fast as eager bloggers can upload them. The idea of swimming in an ocean on a distant planet full of telepathic otters, diving underwater in the ambient dreamlands of fantasy creatures and unknown high sky visions: these are beautiful & psychedelic new age bliss-sound drones. Jonas runs the tape label Beyond Repair Records.

Lift Ekko Puls Puls - Side A
Dreamers Cloth
Not Not Fun Records2019
Lift Ekko Puls Puls - Side A
Dreamers ClothNot Not Fun Records2019