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The Critters

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The Critters

The Critters has been played on NTS shows including Aldous RH , with Mr. Dieingly Sad first played on 19 October 2019.

The Critters were a successful American pop group with several hits in the 1960s.

The group formed in New Jersey when singer-guitarist Don Ciccone and saxophonist Bob Podstawski joined local group the Vibratones, comprising Jim Ryan (lead guitar), Ken Gorka (bass), Jack Decker (drums), and Chris Darway (keyboards). They named themselves The Critters in emulation of similar band names like The Animals.

They signed with Kapp Records, and, in 1964, picked John Sebastian's song "Younger Girl" for their first release. However, because Ciccone, Ryan and…

Mr. Dieingly Sad
The Critters
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Mr. Dieingly Sad
The CrittersMCA Records0