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Origami Arktika

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Origami Arktika

Origami Arktika has been played on NTS shows including Leila Samir , with Det syng for Storegut first played on 19 October 2019.

Origami Arktika is a branch of Origami Republika, a worldwide artists’ collective, whose several hundred members practice art as a way of life. After several releases in Europe, and with both US and European tours as well as TV appearances under their belts, Vardøgr is OA’s first US release. Origami Arktika’s performances call to mind the psychedelic tribal gatherings of the late-60s, and have been known to include fire, incense, full nudity, body paint, and visual effects, all in an effort to…

Det syng for Storegut
Origami Arktika
Det syng for Storegut
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