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Miya Folick

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Miya Folick

Miya Folick was first played on NTS on 21 October 2019. Songs played include Freak Out.

Miya Folick (born in Santa Ana, CA) is an American singer-songwriter and musician based in Los Angeles. She released her first EP "Strange Darling" in May, 2015. She is half-Japanese and half-Russian and was raised as a Jōdo Shinshū Buddhist, learning to play the taiko drums in a church group.

Self describing her songs as a fusion between grunge and folk, she brings dreamy melodies and slightly confessional lyrics that, along with her discreet charm, are bound to get any music lover hooked.

As a young adult, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Miya…

Freak Out
Miya Folick
Freak Out
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