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Kid Fonque

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Kid Fonque

Kid Fonque has been played on NTS shows including Bonobo, with Bossa Over? (Take2) first played on 17 December 2016.

Since the far of days when Kid Fonque was messin’ about with downbeat and hip hop, legendary and original “Liquid Lounging” (now Lilo productions) picked up on the flavour and booked Fonque for numerous classic underground parties including “More Togetherness” and “Bass and Blues”.

As nodding your head in chill rooms, 2nd floors & back bars in the Late 90’s early 2000’s was happening more often, a 2 ½ year residency at 206 came his way.

With a passion for music and a open environment to play…

Bossa Over? (Take2)
Kid Fonque
Stay True Sounds, Taxi Bass2019
Bossa Over? (Take2)
Kid FonqueStay True Sounds, Taxi Bass2019