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Stereotaxic Device

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Stereotaxic Device

Stereotaxic Device has been played on NTS in shows including Sacred Pools w/ DJ OCTOBER, FASO + TOSHIKI OHTA , featured first on 24 October 2019. Songs played include Lost Land.

An American band formed by Daniel Williams, George Sarah and Jennifer Williams. Their songs could be cathegorized as Industrial+Eletronic+Experimental.

The song "Lostland" was their major hit and all records have been released in the early 90's by the Belgian label "KK Records".

Lyrics show strong activism against human cruelty inflicted on animals and also against abuse on nature.

The name band was inspired on the Horsley-Clarke apparatus, also called "Stereotactic Device" to allow experimental and surgical…

Lost Land
Stereo Taxic Device
KK Records1990
Lost Land
Stereo Taxic DeviceKK Records1990