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Pau Brasil

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Pau Brasil

Pau Brasil has been played on NTS in shows including Dactylian & Palo Santo Discos, featured first on 25 October 2019. Songs played include Pau Brasil.

Started in the early 80's and hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Pau Brasil has become one of the strong forces of instrumental Brazilian music, mixing in a unique sound roots/ethnic Brazilian elements with contemporary jazz and improvisation. They have achieved both national and international praise and success, as well as established a consequent discography. Several top Brazilian players such as Nenê, Lelo Nazario, Roberto Sion, Zé Eduardo Nazario have through time been members of or collaborated with the band,…

Pau Brasil
Pau Brasil
Continental, Lira Paulistana1983
Pau Brasil
Pau BrasilContinental, Lira Paulistana1983