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Browning Mummery

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Browning Mummery

Browning Mummery has been played on NTS in shows including SKYAPNEA, featured first on 4 November 2019. Songs played include Proffessio Exacta.

The name Browning Mummery was adopted in Sydney in 1983 by Australian electronic musician Andrew Lonsdale (1961-), as a vehicle for his contemporary electronic sound works. The name was taken from the label of an old 78 rpm platter without realising the original history of the artist. Originally never intended to be used for more than one performance (as was common at the time) the name stuck.

Andrew Lonsdale began producing electronic and experimental music in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia in 1980, and after relocating…

Proffessio Exacta
Browning Mummery
Proffessio Exacta
Browning MummeryExtreme1985