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Mario Schiano

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Mario Schiano

Mario Schiano has been played on NTS in shows including The Pentagon Faceslap, featured first on 17 January 2015. Songs played include Earth Dance.

Mario Schiano is the initiator, pivot, and moving force of the free jazz scene in Rome and Italy. He began in the '50s to experiment with the concept of improvising out of the changes. His unmistakable personality can be found not only in his instrumental and vocal contributions, but also in the establishing of new and stimulating musical situations; to this aim he has played the roles of promoter, organizer, and music director. With Giancarlo Schiaffini and Bruno Tommaso, he co-founded…

Earth Dance
Sam Rivers, Mario Schiano
Vedette Records1977
Earth Dance
Sam Rivers, Mario SchianoVedette Records1977