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Umkra has been played on NTS shows including Elena Colombi, with Le Pole (Remix By Umkra) first played on 2 December 2019.

Umkra is living near Paris where he could discover the first parties near 1995 and extremes electronic musics.

After running the drum and bass oriented label called Myzé rec. with Full Duplex from 1998 to 2000, he has changed of project with Marasm rec, mainly oriented on darker stuffs on 7" in 2001. Trying to build more interactions with painters and graphists with mainly industrial breakcore sonorities is the goal of this project. After several parties and exhibitions the work has been oriented to…

Le Pole (Remix By Umkra)
TZii (Umkra mix)
V-atak, Night On Earth2009
Le Pole (Remix By Umkra)
TZii (Umkra mix)V-atak, Night On Earth2009