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Alex Wilson

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Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson has been played on NTS in shows including Whodis? w/ 56 DJs, featured first on 26 September 2019. Songs played include Oh Kuri.

There are two artists with this name.

Alex Wilson is a Blues guitarist who picked up the guitar at five years old and never put it down. Immersed in the Milwaukee blues scene, Alex was surrounded, and influenced by such local luminaries as Stokes, Lee Gates, Jim Liban and Milwaukee Slim.

Alex formed his own garage band at thirteen. By seventeen he began to dig deep into the blues, learning the songs and styles of masters such as Muddy Waters, Howlin'…

Oh Kuri
Alex Wilson
World Music Network, Music Rough Guides2007
Oh Kuri
Alex WilsonWorld Music Network, Music Rough Guides2007