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DLG has been played on NTS in shows including Mixed Fruit w/ Eddie Jr. , featured first on 4 December 2019. Songs played include La Quiero A Morir.

More than one gorup or artist is known by the name DLG

Dark Latin Groove (DLG) is a talented trio from the Bronx in New York. The group has helped to change stereotypes of what constitutes Latin music, adding to the already colorful palette of styles and rhythms to entertain the world.

Die Lieblings Gruppe (DLG) a duo from Tromsø, Norway. Their music span from spoken word to electronica and punk.

DansLaJungle (DLG) - Hip…

La Quiero A Morir
DLG (Dark Latin Groove)
Sony Tropical, Sergio George Entertainment1997
La Quiero A Morir
DLG (Dark Latin Groove)Sony Tropical, Sergio George Entertainment1997