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Jason Hou

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Jason Hou

Jason Hou has been played on NTS shows including Meuko! Meuko!, with Rebuild first played on 5 March 2018.

Jason Hou is a Beijing-based music producer, composer and sound designer. Jason's musical style can be described as Sinofuturistc, influenced by the term "Sinofuturism", fusing a wide variety of sounds and vibes but still maintains a strong sense of continuity that portrays the soundscapes of modern China. Jason is active in the local music scene as a member of artist collective and label Do Hits. He has toured in the mainland, Taiwan and Singapore, known for his iconic style of live performance utilizing the AlphaSphere, a…

Howie Lee feat. Jason Hou
Not On Label2018
Howie Lee feat. Jason HouNot On Label2018