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Point Of View

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Point Of View

Point Of View has been played on NTS in shows including Funk Freaks Radio, featured first on 10 December 2019. Songs played include Are You Ready? (For The Funk) (Short Version).

There are at least 5 bands with the name Point of View:

Point of View(POV) is a German synthpop band formed in the mid 90's.

Point of View is also a progressive rock/metal band residing in Poland with three releases to their credit.

Point of View also is a Belgian positive hardcore band who brings you Oldschool Beatdown !

Point of View is the greatest pop punk band alive and are from northeast pa….

Are You Ready? (For The Funk) (Short Version)
Point Of View
Pointsouth Records1981
Are You Ready? (For The Funk) (Short Version)
Point Of ViewPointsouth Records1981