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The Chips

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The Chips

The Chips has been played on NTS shows including Lux & Ivy's Favourites , with Rubber Biscuit first played on 14 December 2019.

The Chips was a short-lived New York doo-wop band consisting of teenage friends Charles Johnson (lead vocal), Nathaniel Epps (baritone), Paul Fulton (bass), Sammy Strain and Shedwick Lincoln (tenors). The group's first recording is their most enduring; "Rubber Biscuit" started life as Johnson's answer to the marching rhythms of the Warwick School For Delinquent Teenagers while he was an intern there.

When Josie Records heard the tune they signed the band and the record was issued in September 1956. Although it did not…

Rubber Biscuit
The Chips
Josie Records1956
Rubber Biscuit
The ChipsJosie Records1956