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Tony Moran

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Tony Moran

Tony Moran has been played on NTS shows including Fervent Moon, with Point Of No Return (Remix) first played on 12 December 2019.

Over the years, Tony Moran has been a major contributor to the dance and pop music scene. Whether as a music editor, record producer, songwriter, singer or DJ, he has stayed on top of his game, exhibiting time and time again that his creativity is unrestricted.

“ I don't try to reinvent myself. I work at making music and playing music because I love it. I don't set boundaries, nor do I allow them be built around me,” explains Tony. “I go…

Point Of No Return (Remix)
Exposé (Tony Moran mix)
Point Of No Return (Remix)
Exposé (Tony Moran mix)Arista1995