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Lil Nasty

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Lil Nasty

Lil Nasty has been played on NTS in shows including LZ , featured first on 27 October 2019. Songs played include Nasty By Nature.

Lil Nasty is a grime MC from East London, and is a member of Nasty Crew. he is also the the younger brother of Mak 10 andMarcus Nasty.He was formerly a DJ, which is down to the influence of his brothers who are also DJs and Nasty Crew members, Mak 10 and Marcus Nasty. Little Nasty is also the brother of Griminal.

Nasty By Nature
Lil Nasty
No Hats No Hoods2011
Nasty By Nature
Lil NastyNo Hats No Hoods2011