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The Humans

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The Humans

The Humans has been played on NTS in shows including The Bennett Show, featured first on 3 January 2020. Songs played include I Live In The City.

The are at least 2 bands using this name…

1) THE HUMANS are three people. TOYAH WILLCOX, BILL RIEFLIN and CHRIS WONG. Rieflin comes from the opposite side of the world to Willcox and Wong, and from radically different musical backgrounds, they are bringing together life times of musical experience.

THE HUMANS live show is song based but the songs are deconstructed down to the bones of raw experience exposing human nature and irony. Comparisons are always misleading but…

I Live In The City
I.R.S. Records, City Records1980
I Live In The City
HumansI.R.S. Records, City Records1980