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Zara Nelsova

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Zara Nelsova

Zara Nelsova has been played on NTS shows including Hustlekat, with Voice In The Wilderness first played on 19 November 2019.

Zara Nelsova (born Sarah Nelson in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on December 23, 1918, died in New York, October 10, 2002) was a prominent cellist.

She first performed at the age of five in Winnipeg. She later moved to England where she continued her training and played for the London Symphony Orchestra. She performed as a soloist for many important institutions including the orchestras of Boston, Winnipeg, Montreal and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and toured extensively, becaming the first North American cellist to play in…

Voice In The Wilderness
Zara Nelsova, Bloch
Voice In The Wilderness
Zara Nelsova, BlochDecca0