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Danny Kreutzfeldt

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Danny Kreutzfeldt

Danny Kreutzfeldt has been played on NTS in shows including Minimal Effort, featured first on 29 November 2019. Songs played include Hall (Redubbed).

An electronic music producer located in Aarhus, Denmark when his first solo releases were released by Thinner in 2002. Over the following years Danny Kreutzfeldt covered a wide range of styles from deep ambient dub to vast harshnoise soundscapes and went on to perform, collaborate and release under numerous monikers before discontinuing most of these activities around 2008. As of May 2010, sporadic solo productions are still occasionally made public as Periskop.

Apart from releases under his own name, Sgnl_Fltr, Fallingapparatus, Sectorchestra and…

Hall (Redubbed)
Danny Kreutzfeldt
Hall (Redubbed)
Danny KreutzfeldtThinner2003