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Natalie Rose LeBrecht

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Natalie Rose LeBrecht

Natalie Rose LeBrecht has been played on NTS shows including Emotional Landscapes, with Ocean Of Ah first played on 19 September 2019.

Natalie Rose LeBrecht, who released her first albums under the name Greenpot Bluepot, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Devoted to studies in sound, texture and emotion, LeBrecht creates an intriguing sphere of her own in her artwork, and somehow preserves a fantastic sense of humour in the process. She is also known for an unsettlingly schizophrenic voice that morphs into different personalities within each song, invading the listener's senses and illusions.

Natalie Rose LeBrecht has quite a lot in common with the…

Ocean Of Ah
Natalie Rose LeBrecht
GALTTA Media2019
Ocean Of Ah
Natalie Rose LeBrechtGALTTA Media2019