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I'm Being Good

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I'm Being Good

I'm Being Good has been played on NTS shows including Hot Mess, with What Is Phonewolf first played on 5 April 2015.

NEW ALBUM 'MOUNTAIN LANGUAGE' released by GRINGO RECORDS, September 2011. I'm being good is a band from brighton, UK. The band formed in 1989 and have been through a number of line-ups in their 20-year lifespan, sharing band members with Huggy Bear, Comet Gain, Hey Colossus, Sloath, The Oedipus, Cat On Form, Pine Forest, Small Things, The Go! Team, Deepkiss 720, Lure-Luxx, 100 Pets, Milche Grande, Jovian, Three Bridges, Drum Eyes, The Vitamin B12 and others along the way. After the recent departure of…

What Is Phonewolf
I'm Being Good
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What Is Phonewolf
I'm Being GoodInfinite Chug1998