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Acid Attack

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Acid Attack

Acid Attack has been played on NTS shows including Axcess Amnesia w/ Jenny Sayaka Nono, with Look Before You Leap first played on 24 January 2020.

There are two Acid Attacks:

A Canadian noise act who has released the full-length "Are We Dead or Alive", "Orbitoclast" alongside a split with Fuck, the retarded girl, which can be downloaded here.

A punk band from Southsea near Portsmouth who have released a 12-track studio-recorded cassette LP. Formed in November 1980, their first gig several months later ended in "total riot" following cans being thrown from the crowd. Since then they have gone through numerous line-up changes and…

Look Before You Leap
Acid Attack
Not On Label1982
Look Before You Leap
Acid AttackNot On Label1982