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Thomas Krome

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Thomas Krome

Thomas Krome has been played on NTS in shows including Private Selection Radio , featured first on 25 January 2020. Songs played include Nutcrusch B1.

Swedish techno/dance artist Thomas Krome has served as a producer and remixer for other acts, in addition to issuing his own releases. While the roots of Krome's original music are definitely based in techno, his style incorporates organic elements as well, including funk and subtle jazz flourishes (as evidenced by Krome's singles and EPs from the late '90s -- Woodcarver, Egg Plant EP, Kat I Baren, Bitches From Hell EP, Lord of Darkness EP, January, Carbonator EP, and Woodcarver's Nightmare)….

Nutcrusch B1
Adam Beyer, Thomas Krome
Nutcrusch B1
Adam Beyer, Thomas KromeDrumcode2014