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Bum Kon

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Bum Kon

Bum Kon has been played on NTS shows including Yesterday's News, with Giving In first played on 29 January 2020.

"Bum Kon recorded two albums and a single in between 1983 and 1986. The single is called 'Drunken Sex Sucks' and was released by Local Anesthetic in 1983… Bob Ferbrache recorded around twenty songs by the band and five were picked out for the single. The remaining songs were never used. While working on the Local Anesthetic compilation, Ferbrache found the master tapes with the remaining songs and different takes not used on the single. These recordings are being remastered and will be released on…

Giving In
Bum Kon
Smooch Records, Maximumrocknroll2008
Giving In
Bum KonSmooch Records, Maximumrocknroll2008