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Peking Duk

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Peking Duk

Peking Duk has been played on NTS in shows including THE POÆTRY SHOW w/ James Massiah, featured first on 25 April 2015. Songs played include High.

Earlier this year, there came to be two nocturnal creatures who loved nightlife. However, this love had to go further, the two desired a relationship with the nightlife’s fuel and energy. As the craving increased, turntables and production software were bought. And so it began . . . .

Since then, the duo have warmed up the stage for DJ Falcon, DCUP, Trevor Loveys, Worthy, Justin Martin, Ehsan Gelsi, Paqman, Dahahu, Raw City Rukus, Shifty Business, Offtapia, Cheese, Hubert and…

Peking Duk, Nicole Millar (Yahtzel mix)
Vicious Bitch, RCA2014
Peking Duk, Nicole Millar (Yahtzel mix)Vicious Bitch, RCA2014