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Ruido De Rabia

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Ruido De Rabia

Ruido De Rabia has been played on NTS in shows including La Vida es un Mus , featured first on 14 February 2020. Songs played include No Cojais Palos.

GRINDCORE from the village of Tolosa, Basque Country (Spain). They started in 1985 as a punk band with lyrics totally politics, similar to the brittish band CRASS. After some members changed the band became in RUIDO DE RABIA and made an old-school grindcore with some hardcore touch. Is in 1993 with their third album "Revolucion Cosmica" when its sound got influences from styles such as: industrial, death metal or thrash. But the lyrics, artwork and…

No Cojais Palos
Ruido De Rabia
Cooperaccion Records, B.O.F.2008
No Cojais Palos
Ruido De RabiaCooperaccion Records, B.O.F.2008