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Erol Büyükburç

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Erol Büyükburç

Erol Büyükburç has been played on NTS shows including La Vida es un Mus , with Hop Dedik first played on 14 February 2020.

Born in Adana in 1936, Erol Büyükburç began his career as what can be called “highschool pop”. Erol mixed more classic Anatolian pop with Western music, with influences ranging from Elvis to The Ventures, and was known for performing commercial ballroom shows. Although his career started before the Altin Mikrofon bands of the late Sixties, and even before Erkin Koray’s first single, Erol is generally overlooked by most collectors of Turkish music.

Hop Dedik
Erol Büyükburç
Hop Dedik
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