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Miho Hatori

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Miho Hatori

Miho Hatori has been played on NTS shows including Rap Vacation, with Walking City first played on 20 February 2020.

Miho Hatori (羽鳥美保 Hatori Miho b. April 5; Kawasaki, Japan) is a singer and songwriter, primarily known as the vocalist of the New York City outfit, Cibo Matto. She also provided the female vocals for the first Gorillaz album. Miho expressed an early interest in music while growing up in Japan. She worked in a record shop where she was exposed to many different styles of music, and sometimes performed as a club DJ. She also had some minor success in Tokyo rapping in a…

Walking City
Miho Hatori
Speedstar International2005
Walking City
Miho HatoriSpeedstar International2005