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Venta Protesix

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Venta Protesix

Venta Protesix has been played on NTS shows including Ma3azef, with Her Keyboard Drowned In Tears first played on 23 February 2020.

Venta Protesix (real name: Italo Belladonna) is a laptop/sound artist. He creates an onomatopoeic "artificial" sound with field recordings acoustic founts insects test tones and elettronically generated sounds processed in digital with computer applications. To every recording are associated pictures and colours of the places and the objects that constitute the registration to blend music (noise-sounds) and photography Protesix lives in an imaginary-fantastic world with his sounds and his mental howlers in a new youthful isolation form. In 2007 Venta Protesix takes part…

Her Keyboard Drowned In Tears
Venta Protesix
Fall Into Void Recs2018
Her Keyboard Drowned In Tears
Venta ProtesixFall Into Void Recs2018