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Bowman Trio

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Bowman Trio

Bowman Trio has been played on NTS in shows including OnoTesla, featured first on 2 February 2020. Songs played include Sista Sommardagen.

Founded in 2013, Bowman Trio has come up with a unique framework for their music: the story of a fictional Swedish adventurer, Johan Bowman. The young Helsinki-based group borrows their easy and classy sound from the 1950's West Coast style: bassist Joonas Tuuri and drummer Sami Nummela provide the round, smooth swing, to which Tomi Nikku's trumpet adds a few shades of cool.

Bowman Trio was selected as the We Jazz Rising Star of 2015 at the We Jazz Festival.

Sista Sommardagen
Bowman Trio
We Jazz2019
Sista Sommardagen
Bowman TrioWe Jazz2019