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Sea Oleena

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Sea Oleena

Sea Oleena has been played on NTS in shows including Recurring Dream , featured first on 9 March 2020. Songs played include A Lift (Dreams Of Portugal).

Sea Oleena is the project of Canadian musician Charlotte Oleena. Based out of Montreal, her music hovers between ambient dream pop and experimental post-folk, relying on rich, atmospheric textures, subtle guitar effects, and a sort of autumnal melancholia. Aided by her brother Luke Loseth, she released a self-titled mini album in 2010 followed a year later by a second mini album called Sleeplessness. With her crystalline voice and atmospheric tones, Oleena's music has been compared to acts like…

A Lift (Dreams Of Portugal)
Sea Oleena
Stadiums & Shrines2014
A Lift (Dreams Of Portugal)
Sea OleenaStadiums & Shrines2014