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The Chesterfield Kings

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The Chesterfield Kings

The Chesterfield Kings has been played on NTS in shows including God's Waiting Room w/ David Holmes, featured first on 9 March 2020. Songs played include Time To Kill.

The Chesterfield Kings are a rock band from Rochester, New York, who began as a retro-1960s garage band, and who have heavily mined the underside of 1960s music, including some spot-on borrowings from the 1960s Rolling Stones. Core members are former Distorted Level singer, underground music journalist and avid record collector Greg Prevost and Andy Babiuk (16 years old at the time of the band's founding); others have come and gone. The band, named after a…

Time To Kill
The Chesterfield Kings
Mirror Records Inc.1982
Time To Kill
The Chesterfield KingsMirror Records Inc.1982