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Tshaka Campbell

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Tshaka Campbell

Tshaka Campbell was first played on NTS on 26 August 2017. Songs played include Impermanence.

Who is Tshaka

She said….If I placed singularly on a piece of parchment was joined by three more I.'s Supporting each others slouching statures then we would Double you (W) initially Subsequently, we would complete the cipher if three more I.'s were added. Comforting each other, entwining together within one another, for 360 degrees Till E joined doubled U and WE prevailed ….

As you close your eyes and ponder the pictures that are being painted in your head with each word, you realize that as soon as one has come to light, full with color within your senses, another brush…

Toto Chiavetta feat. Tshaka Campbell
Yoruba Records2017
Toto Chiavetta feat. Tshaka CampbellYoruba Records2017