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Øyvind Torvund

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Øyvind Torvund

Øyvind Torvund has been played on NTS in shows including No Weapon Is Absolute, featured first on 11 March 2020. Songs played include Ritual 2.

Øyvind Torvund (b.1976)

Alongside regular musical studies in Oslo and Berlin, the Norwegian composer Øyvind Torvund played guitar in rock and improvising groups, and his music assembles disparate materials, inconsistent attitude: sounds from rock or from everyday life (or nature) occurring in chamber music, simplicity in a complex context, improvisation coexisting with exact notation, music combined with film or projections, seriousness in counterpoint with humor. Raw melodic schemes may come from Purcell, the infill from the detritus of electronic distortion or…

Ritual 2
Øyvind Torvund
Ritual 2
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