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René Et Gaston

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René Et Gaston

René Et Gaston has been played on NTS in shows including Optimo, featured first on 21 November 2017. Songs played include L'Eveil.

1975 - 1992 René, alias DJ Zki, and Gaston, alias Dobre, are from the city of Haarlem. They both start their careers working as DJ's in various local clubs and discotheques.

1992 - 1994 René (1961) and Gaston (1972) meet in 1992 when René works as a radio DJ and Gaston Steenkist is still a student. They start working together and record the track Give It Up, which was originally meant as a B-side track, but turned out to be a worldwide hit record. UK band…

René Et Gaston
Fresh Fruit Records1993
René Et GastonFresh Fruit Records1993