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The Tigers

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The Tigers

The Tigers was first played on NTS on 21 January 2020. Songs played include 怒りの鐘を鳴らせ (Ring The Bell Of Anger).

There are at least four bands called The Tigers.

The most widely known of these are The Tigers (ザ・タイガース), Japan’s most popular band of the Group Sounds era. The group featured a singer named Kenji Sawada, and were signed to Watanabe Productions. The group was initially called Funnys and was formed in 1966. They changed their name to The Tigers on their first TV performance on 15 November 1966. They appeared in several Japanese movies in the late 1960s. On 24th Jan. 1971, The Tigers…
怒りの鐘を鳴らせ (Ring The Bell Of Anger)
The Tigers
怒りの鐘を鳴らせ (Ring The Bell Of Anger)
The TigersPolydor1970