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Le Villejuif Underground

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Le Villejuif Underground

Le Villejuif Underground has been played on NTS in shows including Adam Oko, featured first on 15 March 2020. Songs played include On The Seine.

Nathan Roche is a poet and musician from Townsville, Australia. He is now based in France - Villejuif in the south-eastern suburb of Paris to be precise - and formed a new band with local musicians, aptly called LE VILLEJUIF UNDERGROUND.

Roche is a versatile artist and his music brings to minds Lou Reed, Kevin Ayers or early Brian Eno. It does not sound pretentious or uptight. On the contratry, there is a loose and warm feeling to most of his…

On The Seine
Le Villejuif Underground
SDZ Records2016
On The Seine
Le Villejuif UndergroundSDZ Records2016