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Fumio Karashima

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Fumio Karashima

Fumio Karashima was first played on NTS on 16 March 2020. Songs played include Little Island.

Fumio Karashima (辛島文雄, 9 March 1948 – 24 February 2017) was a Japanese jazz pianist.

Karashima began playing the piano at the age of three. His father was a music teacher at Kyushu University; Karashima attended the same university. He stayed in New York in 1973, but returned to Japan the next year. In 1975 he joined drummer George Ohtsuka's band. In 1980 he joined Elvin Jones' Jazz Machine, and stayed for five years, including for tours of Europe and the United States. He then switched to being principally a…

Little Island
Fumio Karashima
Whynot, Trio Records1976
Little Island
Fumio KarashimaWhynot, Trio Records1976