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Spooky & Sue

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Spooky & Sue

Spooky & Sue has been played on NTS in shows including Slackk, featured first on 14 November 2013. Songs played include I've Got The Need.

Spooky and Sue were a 70s Pop duo who got their break in The Netherlands. It consisted of the singers Iwan Groeneveld (Aruba, 1946) and Sue Chaloner (London, England: 12 Mach 1953).

Groeneveld previously was a member the Dutch band "The Swinging Soul Machine". Chaloner was asked by manager Han Meijer and producer Jaap Eggermont to join to form a duo in 1970.

Originally Big John Russell was to be her musical partner, but is said to have declined. However on their…

I've Got The Need
Spooky & Sue
I've Got The Need
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