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Harrison Birtwistle

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Harrison Birtwistle

Harrison Birtwistle has been played on NTS in shows including PAN, featured first on 23 March 2020. Songs played include Birthday Song.

Harrison Birtwistle is one of England's foremost living composers.

Born Accrington, 1934, he studied Clarinet and Composition at the Royal Manchester College of Music from 1953 where, along with fellow students Peter Maxwell Davies, Alexander Goehr, John Ogdon and Elgar Howarth, he formed the New Music Manchester group which was dedicated to performing avant-garde and contemporary compositions.

While using mostly conventional instrumental resources, Birtwistle has radically altered the fundamentals of compositional practice, preferring concepts such of memory (with inherent mistakes) over repetition, and…

Birthday Song
Peter Zinovieff, Harrison Birtwistle
Space Age Recordings2015
Birthday Song
Peter Zinovieff, Harrison BirtwistleSpace Age Recordings2015