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Talitha MacKenzie

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Talitha MacKenzie

Talitha MacKenzie was first played on NTS on 27 March 2020. Songs played include Seinn O (Sing! - Mouth Music).

Talitha MacKenzie (originally from multicultural New York, now based in Edinburgh, Scotland) is widely known for her Celtic albums Mouth Music, Sòlas and Spiorad.

Internationally critically acclaimed, her powerful vocals have brought enthusiastic responses from audiences around the world.

Her new release, Indian Summer, is a roots album in more ways than one. She explores her Native-American and Celtic heritage in a wide array of genres, including Celtic, Americana, Country, Folk Rock, Ambient, Jazz and Pop. Original and traditional songs in English, Gaelic…

Seinn O (Sing! - Mouth Music)
Talitha MacKenzie
Riverboat Records1993
Seinn O (Sing! - Mouth Music)
Talitha MacKenzieRiverboat Records1993