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Leftina Osha

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Leftina Osha

Leftina Osha has been played on NTS in shows including SUE ZUKI, featured first on 31 March 2020. Songs played include I Can Wait A Million Days.

Leftina Osha a.k.a Restive Plaggona as well as Vile Temper is the project of Dimitris Doukas, a Greek producer known for his heavy and dramatic lo-fi/industrial soundscapes with subtle traces of darker forms of techno. Dimitris is a particularly productive musician, having released more than a dozen records on such labels as Moral Defeat, Yerevan Tapes, NEN Records as well as his own Several Minor Promises over the course of two years. Rhythmic intensity is of prime…

I Can Wait A Million Days
Leftina Osha
Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.2017
I Can Wait A Million Days
Leftina OshaAudio. Visuals. Atmosphere.2017