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The Sundowners

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The Sundowners

The Sundowners has been played on NTS in shows including High Noon w/ Dina J, featured first on 10 April 2020. Songs played include So Sad.

There're several different acts currently charting as The Sundowners:

1.) The Sundowners were a country-western trio from Chicago, 1959-1989. They included guitarist Don Walls, guitarist Bob Boyd and bassist Curt Delaney. Promoting their retrospective CD, Bloodshot Revival proclaimed The Sundowners knew more than 15,000 songs, playing about 7,000 songs annually.

2.) A very early collaboration between Will Oldham and Bill Callahan.

3.) A 1960s Sunshine Pop group, notable today for having their song "Always You" compiled.

4.) An early band led…

So Sad
The Sundowners
So Sad
The SundownersDecca1969