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The Lucys

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The Lucys

The Lucys has been played on NTS shows including In Flames, with The Right Man (Dub) first played on 18 April 2020.

The Lucys was a Brixton, London, UK, post-punk band, which formed in 1978 and evolved to the two-bass line-up of: Joanne Melvin (lead vocals), Pete Boyse (guitar, vocals), Anne Paley (bass, vocals - ex-The Period, aka Anna Dinn), Colin McMahon (bass, vocals), Dee Berwick (percussion, vocals) and Pete Drew (drums, vocals). Notwithstanding a demo-cassette, their début was Peel Session 3 Mar 1981.

Despite John Peel's BBC Radio 1 on-air "'… this band must be signed up!" appeals, a rebroadcast of Peel Session…

The Right Man (Dub)
The Lucys
Only Fit For The Bin Records2013
The Right Man (Dub)
The LucysOnly Fit For The Bin Records2013