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Kuusumun Profeetta

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Kuusumun Profeetta

Kuusumun Profeetta has been played on NTS in shows including Fernando Rey, featured first on 19 April 2020. Songs played include Kovin Lentäen Kotiin Kaipaan.

Kuusumun profeetta (originally known as Moon Fog Project and later as Moon Fog Prophet) was founded in 1994 when Mikko Elo (bass guitar) and Mika Rättö (keyboards and vocals) met and decided to try combining their musical ideas. A little later they lured two gentlemen to play with them and so Teemu Majaluoma (guitar and vocals) and Daniel Finley (drums) joined the band. This four is a group of musicians not afraid of musical experiments and they are extremely dedicated…

Kovin Lentäen Kotiin Kaipaan
Kuusumun Profeetta
Ektro Records2001
Kovin Lentäen Kotiin Kaipaan
Kuusumun ProfeettaEktro Records2001