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T.Y. has been played on NTS shows including Selassie TBC, with Eyes Closed first played on 9 September 2019.

T.Y. is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan who is signed with and the CEO of Nevafull Entertainment.

T.Y. was a former member of Made West Entertainment and also rapped with the Lodge Boyz at the start of his rap career. Now that he is the CEO of Nevafull Entertainment T.Y's solo career is about to explode.

In 2010 be on the look out for the mixtape titled "King Shit" due to drop in the first quarter and his offical debut album "Mind Ova Matta" is slated to…

Eyes Closed
Curren$y feat. T.Y.
Jet Life Recordings, The Never Die Corporation2019
Eyes Closed
Curren$y feat. T.Y.Jet Life Recordings, The Never Die Corporation2019